CMTC Assistance Credited with Apparel Manufacturer’s
Survival Through Pandemic-Related Closures

Torrance, CA – April 1, 2021 – California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) engaged with Sewing Incubator to connect the apparel manufacturer with government PPE purchasers, create a formal accounting system, and identify opportunities for process improvement. Sewing Incubator credits its survival through the pandemic to CMTC, estimating CMTC’s assistance will result in $1,000,000 in sales revenue.

Located in Huntington Park, CA, Sewing Incubator provides wholesale specialty product design and manufacturing for direct to consumer brands, a digital learning platform for people interested in efficient techniques for garment design and manufacturing, and direct support for startup apparel brands and entrepreneurs seeking to launch their product lines.

Rocio Evenett, Chief Orchestrator of Sewing Incubator, launched the company in December 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. As Sewing Incubator experienced increasing product cancellations as a result of the pandemic, Evenett realized that the fledging company needed to diversify manufacturing strategies and establish sound financial reporting systems in order to survive. “We knew we had the ability to manufacture and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to essential workers, but weren’t sure how to enter the market,” Evenett said.

CMTC was engaged to help Sewing Incubator register with the System for Award Management, obtain a CAGE Code, and connect with government PPE purchasers, allowing the company to generate $750,000 in sales during the pandemic and play a significant role in protecting front line essential workers. Sewing Incubator then retained CMTC to help the company select and set up QuickBooks Online, create charts of accounts, import existing accounting data into the program, train company leaders on usage, and recommend an accounting routine for reporting.

By implementing the strategies CMTC recommended, Sewing Incubator projects $50,000 in labor savings and expects to invest $100,000 in new products: $85,000 in equipment, $5,000 in software, and $10,000 in other areas. Additionally, the company’s increased visibility resulting from improved financial reporting is expected to lead to $50,000 in avoided investments.

“We owe our business survival through the closures to CMTC,” Evenett said.

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