CMTC Delivers Employee Training to Fire & Rescue
Equipment Manufacturer to Help with Company’s Growth

Torrance, CA – October 14, 2021 – California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) recently delivered employee training to Tempest Technology Corporation to help drive the company’s growth.

Tempest Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of fire and rescue equipment in the United States. The company designs and produces a range of lifesaving equipment products, such as seismic sensors, search cameras, stability controllers, lifesaving struts, and electrical current detectors. Tempest Technology’s specialty blowers and fans are also used in a broad range of other industries, including: oil and gas, railroads, construction, confined space applications, and hot air ballooning.

Recently, Tempest Technology’s leadership team recognized that a primary bottleneck limiting the company’s growth was the need to hire outside engineers and product designers – a practice that was delaying design response time. To solve this problem, Tempest Technology contacted CMTC to provide software training so that their employees could gain the skills needed to produce new product designs in-house. Over the course of four days, CMTC delivered SolidWorks Essentials CAD software training to two Tempest Technology employees who successfully completed the course.

As a result of the training provided by CMTC, Tempest Technology was able to build capacity and increase client satisfaction by improving design response time and minimizing the need for outside engineers. To date, the company has innovated and developed two new products using the skills gained from the training. In fact, Tempest Technology estimates that one of these new products will generate $40,000 in monthly sales.

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