CMTC Helps Pet Product Manufacturer Rebuild Revenue
to Pre-Pandemic Levels with Business Improvement Services

Torrance, CA – January 21, 2022 – California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) recently provided business improvement services to help Jax & Bones build strategies for meaningful growth and create a roadmap for the company’s future.

Jax & Bones creates American-made, luxury pet products using sustainable materials and high-end design. The eco-friendly company specializes in luxury dog bedding and durable dog toys and accessories. All Jax & Bones bedding and fabric accessories are handmade at the company’s production facility in Los Angeles.

Jax & Bones had experienced a growth trajectory since the company was founded in 2004, but the COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges that resulted in revenue losses for the company. The owner reached out to CMTC for help with refocusing the company’s goals and streamlining processes in order to regain market share and rebuild revenue to pre-pandemic levels.

CMTC provided business improvement services that included a goal-planning session with the entire Jax & Bones team, weekly leadership coaching with the company’s owner, and an evaluation of operations to support business expansion and partnerships. CMTC worked with the Jax & Bones team to create a five-year growth plan that included identifying employees for cross-training and designing employee career paths. CMTC also helped company leadership recruit and hire a sales director, rework costing sheets, and increase the minimum wage.

As a result of the continuous support, troubleshooting, and team development provided by CMTC, Jax & Bones projects a 200% growth in sales as well as $200,000 in retained sales and projected investments of $15,000 in information systems and workforce practices. Jax & Bones also projects the company will have capacity to create 7-10 new jobs in the next year.

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