CNMI-Cybersecurity-Summit-Program-Image.jpgThe 4th annual CNMI Manufacturing Conference titled "Cybersecurity Summit for Small & Medium-Sized Manufacturers" took place October 27, 2016 at The Cove - University of California Irvine (UCI).  
The one-day summit consisted of four panels which focused on raising awareness of the threats that cyber attacks pose to small and mid-sized manufacturers and to inform manufacturers of the importance of implementing cybersecurity measures.
Topics included:*
  • Vulnerability of Manufacturing to Cyber Attacks
  • Risks and Liabilities of Cybersecurity
  • How to Assess Your Cyber Risks
  • How Manufacturers Are Protecting Themselves Against Cyber Attacks
Panelists and moderators represented a variety of industry segments and knowledge. We are happy to offer the conference's slide presentations available to you for download.
*Please note:  Not all panel discussions provided presentations.