An increasing concern for California manufacturers is rising freight rates, largely due to the fact that they make up a substantial portion of the cost of goods sold. Because freight, as well as logistics, are crucial to any manufacturer's supply chain, they should be monitored and managed carefully so business owners and managers can achieve a better, stronger, and more responsive supply chain. 
During this webinar, Accelerated Consulting Managing Partner & Supply Chain Advisor Richard Montellano discusses effective methods of monitoring and managing your freight and logistics.

This webinar was originally presented on September 9, 2021, at 11:00 am. 

Meet the Speaker


Richard Montellano

Richard Montellano
Accelerated Consulting Managing Partner & Supply Chain Advisor

Richard Montellano has 25+ years of supply chain experience across multiple industries including aerospace, furniture manufacturing, industrial distribution, and consulting. Richard is driven to help California manufacturers optimize their supply chains to create higher cash flows, create a foundation for growth while increasing the total enterprise value. He is a close advisor to ownership and executives while also mentoring developing leaders.


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