eCommerce Readiness & Evaluation Checklists

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Are You Ready to Get Started with eCommerce?

The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for businesses shifting to online selling. As remote work persists, “no-touch” sales will only grow in popularity and necessity. In fact, 86% of B2B buyers prefer to reorder online instead of speaking to a sales representative, according to PwC’s 2021 Manufacturing Survey. 

Is your business ready to make the leap online?

Use our two free checklists to determine your eCommerce readiness and to  evaluate the success and profitability of your efforts. 

The checklists will run you through key topics to consider, including:

  1. Evaluating the market and assessing your competition
  2. Evaluating the profitability and challenges of eCommerce
  3. Choosing the right eCommerce platform
  4. Building revenue-boosting strategies before launching
  5. Evaluating your success in the areas of visits, conversion rates, channel profitability, marketing revenue, and average lifetime value

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