Join the Team to Defeat COVID-19

The United States must utilize all available health care and manufacturing capabilities to ensure an effective COVID-19 response. CMTC is committed to assisting California's manufacturers in meeting the local, state and federal PPE needs of our nations's First Responders.


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Have Manufacturing Capacity?

Share manufacturing capacity available for PPE production with CMTC

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PPE Specs. & Procurement Opportunities

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Obtain assistance in resolving supply chain disruptions

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How CMTC is Supporting SMMs

CMTC has mobilized it's California's Manufacturing Network to respond to the needs of California manufacturers through the COVID-19 pandemic. As California’s trusted resource for a thriving manufacturing industry, we are committed to assisting small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) across the state.  CMTC is here to help with technical assistance, training and consulting services to help manufacturers survive, restart and prosper beyond today’s challenges.  Through special funding support from the NIST Emergency Assistance Program, CMTC is reaching out to understand and help address manufacturers’ challenges through the crisis.

Helping California Manufacturers

  • Business Stabilization  - CMTC will walk you through a checklist to assess readiness to re-start and provide a Plan of Action (no cost)
  • Workplace Safety – Training & Plant/Operations Re-design 
  • Supplier Matchmaking & Supplier Scouting – Turning challenges into opportunities and supporting and honoring our healthcare heroes
  • Resilience – Risk mitigation in the face of added stress:  Cybersecurity vulnerability, business continuity planning, change management