Harassment Avoidance Training

The recent passage of [State Bill] SB 1343 expands the [Assembly Bill] AB1825 training requirement, mandating all employers with five or more employees to provide two hours of anti-harassment training for supervisory staff, and one hour of anti-harassment training for non-supervisory employees. All employees must be trained within six months of being hired and every two years thereafter.

Please note: This pertains to all job codes, job classification, exempt and non-exempt (including non-supervisory, individual contributor roles).

Our Web-Based event is a ‘live’ session facilitated by a Harassment Avoidance trainer.

  • Sessions are available in English & Spanish and are set in a two hour time frame
  • The first hour combines both supervisory & non-supervisory staff
  • After the first hour, there is a 5-10 minute break & the non-supervisory staff is released
  • After the break, the supervisory staff remains for the 2nd hour required for management
  • Since the session is ‘live’, not a recorded video, it must be completed all at once vs. start, stop and return to it
  • The webinar incorporates both State and Federal guidelines/law.

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Please Note: Each individual registration via this form requires a unique email address. If you need to register multiple individuals using a common email or need to register a large group, please send a list with FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL, LANGUAGE, SESSION DATE to webinars@cmtc.com and your registration will be acknowledged in a reply email with instructions for joining the webinar.


Classes in English 

Wednesday, 9 am - 11 am

September 14  |  September 21  |  September 28
October 5  |  October 12  |  October 19  |  October 26
November 2  |  November 9  |  November 16
December 7  |  December 14

Thursday, 10 am - 12 pm

September 15  |  September 22  |  September 29
October 6  |  October 13  |  October 20  |  October 27
November 3  |  November 10  |  November 17
December 8  |  December 15

Classes in Spanish

Tuesday, 8 am - 10 am
September 13  |  September 20  |  September 27
October 4  |  October 11  |  October 18  |  October 25
November 1  |  November 8  |  November 15
December 6 December 13

Friday, 9 am - 11 am
September 16  |  September 23  |  September 30
October 7  |  October 14  |  October 21  |  October 28
November 4  |  November 11  |  November 18
December 9  |  December 16

Designed specifically for the Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturer, this comprehensive 2-hour course will cover the following topics:

  • Provides legal definition of multiple types of harassment
  • Defines acceptable and non-acceptable behavior
  • Identifies specific examples of fines, penalties and employer responsibilities
  • Reviews methods for team and supervisor coaching
  • Includes sections on Discrimination, Retaliation, and Actual Cases
  • Outlines compliant investigations for every claim
  • Defines employer/company responsibilities to address complaints

Included in our materials are specific sections, examples and risk mitigation recommendations on workplace bullying, cyber-bullying, stalking, cyber-stalking, harassment via social media, and workplace violence. Supervisory/management sections of our training include awareness and coaching on incident reporting, how to investigate reports, interviewing victims and witnesses, confidentiality in the process, etc. Training is both CA State & Federal guideline-developed.

These services are partially funded by the California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development Small Business Technical Assistance Program. 

Upon completion of the webinar, your company will be sent a third-party survey from our funding partner. This survey is confidential and is used to capture the economic impacts of our projects.