Social Media for Manufacturers

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Social Media for Manufacturers : The Ultimate eBook

In this free guide, we’ll explore the five best social sites for SMMs, and help you navigate their intricacies:

Facebook (Where Everybody Knows Your Name, 2.5 billion users)

Learn how to:

  • Provide useful information
  • Personalize pages and showcase products
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Update content
  • Engage your audience

Twitter (Say Hello in 280 Characters or Less, 330 million users)

Learn how to:

  • Get connected
  • Be engaging
  • Utilize #Hashtags
  • Connect with other manufacturers
  • Connect with legislators

LinkedIn (The Professional Network, 600 million users)

Learn how to:

  • Make connections
  • Post valuable and rich content
  • Join LinkedIn groups
  • Use showcase pages
  • Reach a global market

Instagram (The Visual Site Where Millennials and Gen Z Reign, 1 billion users)

Learn how to:

  • Highlight what makes your business and product unique
  • Use Instagram Stories to get noticed
  • Use #Hashtags to expand your reach
  • Mention and collaborate with others
  • Give followers an inside scoop

YouTube (Much More Than Just Funny Cat Videos, 2 billion users)

Learn how to:

  • Create continual content
  • Customize your channel
  • Make titles, tags, and descriptions work
  • Interact with others
  • Collaborate with others

Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your brand, make contacts, recruit talent, and boost your sales.

Social Media for Manufacturers: The Ultimate Guide

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