Across the globe, emerging economies, realignments in global trade policy, and evolving consumer expectations are changing the landscape of manufacturing supply chains.

Why Choose CMTC Supplier Sourcing Services

Employee-Working-Computer_307279136CMTC Supplier Sourcing Services help manufacturers adapt to increasingly dynamic supplier and customer demands.

We have expertise and understanding in supply chain challenges and constraints, and we have access to a broad network of manufacturers across the United States.

  • Do you have challenges in sourcing key parts or components?
  • Do you have excess manufacturing capacity that you’d like to employ?

CMTC Supplier Sourcing Services experts will work with you to understand your needs and match you with companies with a high potential to meet those needs. Once we assist you in making a match, businesses and suppliers are responsible for communicating directly to purchase products. This is a co-investment referral program led by CMTC at no cost.

All parties are strongly advised to exercise due diligence when entering agreements and are responsible for ensuring the quality and regulatory compliance of all good/services transacted.

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