Types of Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

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Additive manufacturing is changing the face of the industry. Products that once took thousands or millions of dollars, and possibly years to bring to market, are now being designed, prototyped, and manufactured for a fraction of the cost and in less than half the time.
While only the largest players could once afford additive manufacturing, the processes continue to evolve while becoming less expensive. Now, whether it’s a new product or one that is being reverse-engineered, small and medium-sized manufacturers can reap the rewards and compete more effectively.
This guide describes some of the advances that are enabling manufacturers to produce a much broader range of high-quality products and components.
By downloading our guide you will learn about the materials used and the pros and cons of three metal additive processes:
  • Laser-Based Powder Bed Additive
  • Metal Jetting Technology
  • Furnace-Infused Alloy