Beginning July 1, 2024, California law (SB 553) will require employers with 10 or more employees to adopt a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan, either as part of their Injury & Illness Prevention Program or as a separate document. This new law imposes specific requirements on employers, including: recording incidents or threats in a violent incident log, providing training to all employees, and maintaining records related to the Workplace Violence Prevention Plan.

During this can’t-miss webinar, CMTC’s HR Solutions Consultants will provide expert guidance to help you:

  • Understand the requirements for developing customized compliant plans
  • Conduct a risk assessment pertaining to potential workplace violence
  • Develop a documented Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Train all employees to identify and report potential workplace issues
  • Log and report on workplace violence incidents
  • Coordinate workplace violence restraining orders when applicable
  • Maintain compliant reports & records of compliance with SB 553

This webinar was originally presented on March 28, 2024 at 11:00 AM PT. 

Meet the Speakers


Jeri Summer photo_200x200_V2

Jeri Summer
Senior Manager - HR, Admin, & Recruitment

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Leonor Cisneros
HR Solutions Consultant


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